Marty lives with his partner, Lyn Temple, in Solana Beach, California. He is a news junkie and an avid sports fan. He says he probably spends too much time keeping up with all kinds of sports. While he does have his favorite teams, what he really enjoys is watching athletes and other performers share their skills, especially under the pressures of competition or being on stage.

Along with his "college baseball buddies", Marty went to Major League Baseball’s Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York to celebrate his 65th birthday. Wearing t-shirts that depicted old men trying to play a young man's game and that read "The Older We Get, The Better We Wuz!", the gang had a great time!

Marty is still a bit of a gym rat and works out or does some physical activity almost every day. That something might be lifting weights, cardio or core work, yoga, hiking, or biking etc. And he will happily make a scuba dive just for fun.

In his own words, Marty states" I love the pursuit of excellence, and love to watch others that have that goal in mind. I thoroughly enjoy traveling and experiencing new places and cultures. I much prefer to meet the locals and spend time with them as opposed to being pampered and catered to in a five-star resort. I try to keep up with current events, love to get out in nature, enjoy birding and seeing all kinds of wildlife in wild places, enjoy a wide variety of music, and love to read and learn about all kinds of things.

In short, I really want to live my life! So, if you have a great idea about an adventure or something fun to do and need some company, hit me up. I might just surprise you and join the fun.

Thank you for reading".